Love is not just about shiz and confession!  It is way above all this-trust, care, respect and pinch of confession makes love!! Blessed is to be loved and to love! Knowing the faults and accepting one that way is what true love means!! ☺🐣💞



Who are we?

Are we too young or are we too old? 

We certainly fit in either of them. And and and,the best part is we fit in through our demands and requirements. I was having a conversation with my friend when he said,”let the child in you be dominant and the older brain be there with you,you’ll be the happiest”. Isn’t this true? We can just not overthink,be peaceful and happy go lucky all the time forever then? WILL THAT WORK? A thought i am stuck with 🙂 💫

Be you!🔥

Sorry was told a thousand times,they fought for various small reasons, later from good friends they became strangers to just look at each others display picture. A month or two,she thought things will calm down,but as the time passed, the things became worse. It is not only about giving time is what she realised, it is about leaving him with his shitty attitude and being nice! Be the best at your part,let the other be a dog. Be the kindest for him to remember you. Atleast later he will tell people to spy 😛😂 



How many of you actually think that the biggest concern of our parents is “what will people say?”??? I am sorry,but it is not that. For each one of us we are different individuals with different gold values.. Being an individual we do keep in mind about the social image we carry but what’s better than being yourself?? Who actually gives a damn on how you are, man? 

Invest time in improving yourself, knowing yourself and love yourself more! The more you be yourself, love and respect it,the more you’ll be confident, and carefree to what people think. Your opinions hold importance than others!
Believe in yourself! ❤

Know who to love❤🎀

Love is not just about shiz,not about the vows and shows, not about the time,fame but its all about trust,care,respect, space and attention! Knowing your love for the other person is surely going to make u confident. Spending time,knowing eachother,appreciating gets you closer and closer! Every time you dive into each others eye you sync your heartbeat to be one! You love the person only when you know they have the capability of being that special in your life! Know that person before loving that person cuz loving someone not worthy will spoil the flavour of the treat! 




The break

Unfriend? Block? Fight? Unfollow? Seriously? Are we kids?

For the latest trends now after fights have been about all these. Just making an escape route for that person from your life won’t help,instead being strong and facing them sweetly will be the best! Why bring attitude and rudeness? Are you cultured that way? Surely not! Be UNPREDICTABLE and someone whose actions leaves impact and will be appreciated! Love people around and spread positivity. You just have one life,my dear folks. Stop wasting it,start loving more and be happy!
Forgive,forget and move💙🐼

Reversal of deeds

Life gives you very less opportunities! Think about the worst situation, and give it a try! You can try making up the worst and enjoy if the best happens! Rather than commenting on someone,try knowing their past and help them recover! Start doing good cuz KARMA is gonna pay it back the either ways! REMEMBER, making someone feel guilty is even worse than the sin made.

Spread positivity and enthusiasm 💙🎀